The 'Model Aerodrome'
During the 1950s-1960s, the pastime of making working models of aircraft and ships expanded from an obscure and specialist pursuit into a common hobby for many children, and many small companies started up, providing kits to service the demand.

By the turn of the century, this activity had diminished considerably, model shops closed down, and the multitude of kits that had attracted youngsters in 1960 turned into rare antique collectors items by 2015, or simply became forgotten.

That seems to be a shame. But by using the Web, it is now possible to save these historical items from oblivion, and re-introduce them to a new generation - all for free! So that's what I'm doing.

I now run a few sites displaying aspects of the old hobby of boat modelling to amyone who cares to look. Others are doing the same with early aircraft models. Look on these sites partly as a museum, partly as an exercise in nostalgia for the diminishing number of people who can still remember this pastime, and partly as a resource for anyone looking to discover the fun that making a working object out of raw materials can still bring...
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1 Jan - Site is open...
4 Jan - 'Small Power Boat' hull lines available..
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