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10 Nov '18- Instructions for Hull, Kestral and Police Launch Superstructure added..
4 Apl '17- Galleons page added..
16 Sep '16- Police Launch Superstructure added..
22 Apl '16- Kestrel Superstructure added..
9 Jan - 'Small Power Boat' motor mount available..
4 Jan '16- 'Small Power Boat' hull lines available..
1 Jan '16 - Site is open...
'Model Aerodrome Ltd' was a small company which started making model kits in the 1930s in the UK. Though they were best known for their aircraft kits and engines, they had a small selection of model boat kits, sold under the 'MarineCraft' label. This site provides some background to these, based on their 1959 catalogue, and includes free downloads of cutting lines enabling modellers to reproduce some of the small boats that graced many British ponds and lakes 60 years ago...
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