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Later Models
The Galleons series of Marinecraft models is one of their earliest ranges, probably available in the 1930s. They are carved from solid wood in the traditional style, using a ply keel former for strength while the softer balsa hull is easier to work. Static ship modelling was hit by growth of plastic kits and working models in the 1960s, and I suspect that the range was withdrawn not much later.

The kits are comprehensive for their time, though the detail is not up to modern standards. Keil Kraft had a competitive range of 'Miniature Galleon' kits which were smaller and cheaper.

The full range of seven boats is illustrated in the Catalogue, with the Cutty Sark model shown here to provide an example of what is in the kits. Click on the images for more detail.
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Other Kit Unboxing Pictures
Mayflower Ark Royal HMS Bounty Santa Maria HMS Victory Golden Hind